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Supercharge your workflow with Media Automation, the simplest and most intuitive way for broadcasters and publishers to manage and re-distribute commercial content.

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Media Automation

Make quick work of incoming ad content. Media Automation plugs right into your existing systems for seamless ingest, re-purposing and distribution to production teams, and playout systems.

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    Connect to sales, booking, clearance, playout and finance systems

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    Connect Digital Asset Management to manage projects and measure efficiencies

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    Automatically repurpose and distribute content to digital channels

Completely hands-free

Keep commercial management clean and simple by isolating commercial workflows from incumbent, labourious broadcast infrastructure.

Automate quality control, versioning, transcoding and metadata alignment for easy hands-free routing to VOD, OTT plus digital video and print destinations.

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Commercial media management

Aggregate your commercials into a single UI. Media Automation lets you easily receive and manage incoming content from any source.

Key Features
  • XML ticketing
  • Clearance integration
MA Commercial Media Management

Digital asset management

Quickly sign-off work, connect with teams and partners, manage content rights, track versions and create sales presentations.

Key Features
  • Storage
  • Transcodes
  • Activity tracking
MA Digital Asset Management

Powerful reporting

Understand the effectiveness of your team, track deadlines, monitor productivity and gain insights into every commercial in your network, with real-time reports.

Key Features
  • Notifications
  • Deadline tracking
MA Powerful Reporting

Distribution & publishing

Automate your quality control, versioning, transcoding and metadata alignment. Then, route content to VOD, OTT, and digital destinations completely hands-free.

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See how thousands of brands, agencies, production teams and media owners around the world use Adstream.

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Feature-packed media management

Media Automation is everything you need to supercharge your commercial media workflow.

  • Media Automation Single Landing Pad

    Single landing pad

    Receive all incoming content in one place

  • MA Metadata Import

    Metadata import

    Automatically catalogue content using metadata tags

  • MA Large Video Storage

    Large video storage

    Quickly catalogue, share and preview large video files

  • Icon Online Playout New

    Online playout

    Custom-build metadata to suit your workflow

  • MA Brand Overlay

    Brand overlay

    Customise Adstream's interface to reflect your brand

  • MA Approval


    Pause, mark up and approve content before delivering

  • MA Auto Transcoding

    Auto transcoding

    Automatically convert ads to channel specs

  • MA Aggregated QC

    Aggregated QC

    Batch-check ads for errors before distributing

  • MA Failed File Handling

    Failed file handling

    Secure your content with automated watermarking

  • MA Reporting


    Measure and improve the efficiency of your entire workflow

  • MA Privacy Options

    Privacy options

    Convert files to mobile and other formats on the fly

  • MA Fast Onboarding

    Fast onboarding

    Tailor media automation to fit your workflow

Powerful API

Connect Adstream with the rest of your tools and sync creative files to your advertising, marketing, sales and financial solutions.

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Powerful Api

Our team serves over 100,000 connected businesses around the world

At Adstream, it's our people who make the real difference. Dedicated teams working together across the globe 24/7 to get your message to market faster than anyone else.

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"Adstream has done wonders to help our processes evolve. It's sophisticated and thoughtful yet intuitive, making user adoption quick and painless."

Ross Necessary
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services

"Adstream has brought an unprecedented level of visibility over what our lead agency is creating around the world. The analytics and centralised library allow us to strike that priceless balance between local relevance and global efficiencies."

Debra Hedgecock
Director, Global Agency Relations

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