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Whenever you need help coordinating an international campaign, The Traffic Bureau is here to keep your ads running smoothly — a complete clearance, traffic and business affairs service.

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  • Clearcast clearance
  • Cinema clearance
  • Managing playout to broadcasters
  • TV copy rotation instruction

The Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau is a team of skilled admin professionals who've been helping teams like yours manage local and global TV campaigns faster, and with less hassle for over 20 years.

  • Icon Clearance


    Avoid costly delays and get your commercials cleared through government and regulatory red-tape.

  • Icon Traffic


    Take the pressure off your team by outsourcing your media liaison and paperwork.

  • Icon Business Affairs

    Business affairs

    Stay protected, with experienced professionals handling your contracts and licensing to ensure your rights are completely covered.

  • TV clearance

    Leverage local and international connections. From script to final clocked film submission, TTB takes care of your Clearcast and international clearance, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

  • Radio clearance

    Deliver big radio campaigns without the hassle. TTB will manage the clearance of scripts through Radiocentre — placing orders and issuing instructions.

  • Cinema clearance

    Get your ads on the big screen, fast. TTB takes care of the paperwork, including regulatory clearance, ensuring a quick and easy delivery process to any cinema on your media plan.

  • Broadcast playout

    Reduce your team's workload with outsourced ad delivery orders. TTB liaises with each broadcaster (or agent) and places orders on your behalf, anywhere in the world.

  • TV copy rotation

    Get copy rotations to TV stations accurately and on time. TTB works with your clients, media buyers or agency accounts teams to take care of the job for you.

  • Artist contracts

    Avoid fines and penalties. TTB navigate complex usage rights and artist contracts for you, ensuring you're always covered with the right permissions.

  • Child licenses

    Advertise with kids, without the added paperwork. TTB coordinates with parents, agents and LEAs, prepares your licenses and ensures they're issued on time.

  • Contract storage

    Never lose a contract again. TTB will even store your usage contracts (existing and future) in Digital Asset Management for easy access, visibility and control.

The #1 TV admin service in the UK for over two decades

At Adstream, it's our people who make the real difference. Dedicated teams working together across the globe 24/7 to get your message to market faster than anyone else.

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"Adstream has done wonders to help our processes evolve. It's sophisticated and thoughtful yet intuitive, making user adoption quick and painless."

Ross Necessary
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services

"Adstream has brought an unprecedented level of visibility over what our lead agency is creating around the world. The analytics and centralised library allow us to strike that priceless balance between local relevance and global efficiencies."

Debra Hedgecock
Director, Global Agency Relations

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