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Prepare videos for broadcasters without the hassle. Whenever you hit a technical speed bump, need advice, or want to share the workload, AdPro is here to keep your campaign running smoothly.

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  • Correction
  • Versioning
  • Optimisation
  • Subtitling
  • Pre & post roll
  • Distribution

AdPro for Broadcast

AdPro is a team of video post-production gurus here to help you manage the cumbersome process of preparing, fixing and adjusting video for cross-media distribution. You can work with them on-demand, or as a regular extension of your team.

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    Take the pressure off your team, with AdPro to check and prepare video files for distribution on your behalf.

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    Deliver perfect subtitles, everywhere. AdPro work with global teams to ensure subtitles are accurate in every part of the world.

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    Avoid costly errors with a team of video experts to check and fix technical problems, and get your ads to market quickly.

  • Video optimisation

    Get your videos to broadcasters in perfect quality. AdPro optimises and adjusts your master content to play-out perfectly at every destination.

  • Format Conversion

    Outsource your busy work. Simply create a master file and let AdPro handle the preparation, like upscaling and downscaling, SD to HD, and digital / OOH resizing.

  • File correction

    Drive brand consistency across every broadcast media, with AdPro adjusting your Codec, colour space, audio and luminance to the perfect spec.

  • Ad subtitling

    Easily advertise in multiple languages. AdPro works directly with Adstream's Global Media Network to create and verify your subtitles in up to 45 languages.

  • File conversion

    Save time creating multiple versions of your video. AdPro will convert your master file from NTSC to PAL, and to digital and OOH formats quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Video pre & post-roll

    Save time managing content destined for multiple broadcasters. AdPro can handle all aspects of your pre and post-roll video ad configuration.

  • Video editing

    Take the stress out of last-minute edits, with AdPro handling all of your basic adjustments. For more detailed work, they'll even connect you with a recommended post-production partner.

  • Video ad distribution

    Outsource your entire global campaign. Whenever you're too busy to handle the legwork, AdPro is here to prepare, version, transcode and deliver your ads anywhere in the world.

Our team delivers personalised service 24/7

At Adstream, our global teams work together to personally ensure your campaign gets to market faster than anyone else.

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"Adstream has done wonders to help our processes evolve. It's sophisticated and thoughtful yet intuitive, making user adoption quick and painless."

Ross Necessary
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services

"Adstream has brought an unprecedented level of visibility over what our lead agency is creating around the world. The analytics and centralised library allow us to strike that priceless balance between local relevance and global efficiencies."

Debra Hedgecock
Director, Global Agency Relations

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