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Track and optimise every step of your campaign, from brief to final mile delivery and beyond with Adstream's smart report builder.

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Effortless reporting

Adstream's easy report builder is a smart tool for you to instantly design intuitive reports that give you strategic cross-media campaign insights across your entire work process.

  • Icon Ad Tracking

    Delivery reports

    Track activity across global cross media campaigns

  • Icon Competitor Review

    Campaign analytics

    Gain deep insights into your campaign's effectiveness

  • Icon Market Insights


    Monitor usage rights, teams and partner activity

Media rich dashboards

Adstream’s interactive dashboards give you a 24/7 real time visual overview of any selected data on the Adstream Platform from production activity, to cross media ad delivery, to campaign analytics.

Key Features
  • Asset thumnails
  • Realtime data
  • Customisable
DA Global Dashboard Delivery V12

Brand governance

Keep track of brand compliance by previewing your video content as an 8 frame storyboard. Filter data across any timeframe for your entire library by brand, market or campaign.

Key Features
  • Quick view
  • Download assets
  • Share
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Know your rights

Never pay a usage penalty again. Adstream tags any kind of rights usage by market, keeps track of it for you, warns well ahead of time to renew and locks access if it’s expired.

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Keep on budget

Keep track of your entire campaign costs across all versions, partners, media and distribution channels. This easy, intuitive report gives you instant insight into your true performance and productivity.

Key Features
  • Compare budget with actual costs
Campaign Costs Visual

Reduce waste

Quickly see which content was created, but never used with Adstream's utilisation reporting tool, then dive deeper to see what type of content it was, who used it and who did not.

Key Features
  • All media
  • All markets
  • Customisable
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Global delivery dashboard

Showcase your work by sharing this online dashboard with your team. View sends by number, percentage and market, campaigns by advertiser and a breakdown of your types of sends.

Key Features
  • For Adstream video delivery customers only
DA Global Dashboard V12

The holy grail of advertising

Review your entire production, media and versioning costs in one view, augmented with market distribution, audience, media monitoring, social buzz and engagement statistics. Compare production spend to media ratios to understand which brand, touchpoint or market is performing better.

Campaign Effectiveness Visual

See how thousands of brands, agencies, production teams and media owners around the world use Adstream.

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"Adstream has done wonders to help our processes evolve. It's sophisticated and thoughtful yet intuitive, making user adoption quick and painless."

Ross Necessary
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services

"Adstream has brought an unprecedented level of visibility over what our lead agency is creating around the world. The analytics and centralised library allow us to strike that priceless balance between local relevance and global efficiencies."

Debra Hedgecock
Director, Global Agency Relations

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