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  • Radio stations
  • Podcasts
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Bulk radio distribution

Adstream audio delivery is the easiest way to get mass audio content around the world in a heartbeat.

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    Create one master audio file and send it to thousands of radio stations globally, with clearance bodies integrated for safe, easy delivery.

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    See what's going on across your entire radio campaign with centralised records of all sends, and an audit trail of all deliveries.

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    Radio station not connected? Our dedicated teams are here to help deliver your ad to any destination globally.

Central visibility

Manage, view and deliver your entire radio campaign from one place. Access APRA detail, add and edit scripts, rotation instructions and documentation, and monitor status in real time.

Key Features
  • Easy tabs
  • Document lists
  • Status visibility
AU Central Visibility

Bulk delivery

Easily upload a single file and select as many audio destinations as you want. Let Adstream manage the specification and broadcast requirements.

Key Features
  • Available in select markets
AU Bulk Delivery

Realtime reports

Every stage of your delivery is monitored, enabling you to track delivery progress across countries, stations and campaigns at all times.

Key Features
  • Single screen
  • One view of all activity
AU Realtime Reports

Easy communication

Adstream gives you easy workflows with direct access to clearance data, QA and directly-entered script access. Plus configurable notifications, talent records and job history.

Key Features
  • Direct script entry
  • Notifications
AU Easy Communications

Let's get you connected

At Adstream, our global teams work together to connect you to radio broadcasters 24/7 to ensure your campaign gets to market faster than anyone else.

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"Adstream has done wonders to help our processes evolve. It's sophisticated and thoughtful yet intuitive, making user adoption quick and painless."

Ross Necessary
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services

"Adstream has brought an unprecedented level of visibility over what our lead agency is creating around the world. The analytics and centralised library allow us to strike that priceless balance between local relevance and global efficiencies."

Debra Hedgecock
Director, Global Agency Relations

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