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One Delivery is the largest and most powerful asset delivery platform in
the world, compatible with all media formats and all media destinations
globally, with industry-leading levels of speed and security.

Now, as part of Extreme Reach, we bring the power of global video ad serving integrated with linear TV workflow.

The One Delivery Advantage

Save time, save money and enjoy complete peace of mind.


How Dentsu use Adstream to help their clients save time and make money

“Adstream has a wide range of functionalities, from digital asset management, delivery, reporting and analytics, so it really enables us to service our clients globally, to have that control and visibility.”

James Thomas
Global Director VP of Creative Technology,
Dentsu Aegis Network

The fastest-growing ad server in America is now available worldwide

Today, brands complain of a delay of as much as 3 weeks between TV assets airing and the digital campaign component going live, even when all channels show versions of the same film.

Not if they use Adstream.

Now we are part of Extreme Reach, we now have ad serving capabilities for all digital video online (desktop, mobile web, mobile app) and on-demand (CTV).

The benefits are clear. Ad serve with Adstream to remove delays, keep all campaign channels on schedule, minimise risk from rights infringement and improve performance.

One Social

One Social gives you the power to control and scale your campaign deployment and minimise the most common risks associated with social media management.

You have full visibility of your draft, live and past campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all in one place.

Our platform is integrated directly with your social accounts, so you can post straight from the Adstream Library to control approvals and avoid unnecessary duplication of published assets or even brand damage from incorrect assets going live.

Our built-in scheduling tools, to publish and unpublish, help you avoid usage rights fines.

Our zero-touch technology means you don’t need to share login details with multiple stakeholders so you minimise the risk of your accounts being hacked.

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