Digital ad spending is on the rise, but is it delivering results?

Digital ad spending is on the rise, but is it delivering results?

Industry pundits project that brands will spend a collective $329.39 billion on global digital ad spend by the end of 2021.

The pandemic has catalysed the growth of digital transformation across industries and as the world opens up again, there’s a sense of optimism in the air. Consumers will use digital channels to buy more products, invest in more services, and seek out new experiences.

But, throwing your ad budget into the digital abyss won’t earn you the results—or the return on investment (ROI)—you need to succeed. To earn sustainable marketing results, developing targeted messaging across every channel and touchpoint is essential.

Visibility is the foundation of advertising success

To reach the right audience and squeeze every last drop of value from your ad spend, visibility is vital. Without a panoramic view of how and where your marketing assets are being used, testing, refining, and optimizing the digital elements of your campaigns will become impossible.

As consumer attention spreads across touchpoints, omnichannel marketing remains on the rise. Creating a marketing ecosystem that meets your audience’s needs fluently across channels requires complete visibility. And, without vision, your data—as well as your content—will burn a hole in your business’s pocket.

The great video content misconception

A lack of visibility leads brands to overlook concepts that are glaringly obvious. In this case, it’s the mindset that TV video content and digital video content are separate entities.

By tracking your advertising initiatives and assets with pinpoint accuracy while gaining control of how to optimize your campaigns for success, it soon becomes clear that TV and digital video content are twins separated at birth.

Understanding this will empower you to streamline your visual assets by realizing that a video is a video—it’s the media outlet that’s different.

Armed with this vision, as well as the control to streamline your campaigns, brands stand to maximize their ad spend while increasing productivity across the board. And when that happens, you will maximize your ROI, consistently.

Discover how Adstream can help you gain complete end-to-end campaign visibility and break down the complexity of omnichannel marketing by exploring our cutting-edge One Delivery platform, which includes our own Adserver, thanks to our recent acquisition by Extreme Reach.  


Oliver Forder

Oliver Forder

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