The Power of Women in Adstream

7th March 2018


If there were a consistent theme among the women of Adstream, it would be “Empowerment”. By creating a culture of inclusivity, Adstream has managed to attract and retain very powerful, vocal women In various roles representing all areas of the company including sales, technology, and management. The women of Adstream share a confidence that is in part due to an inclusive culture of gender neutrality, but also part of being in the advertising world. A world where the “Mad Men” era has barely ended, and the “Mad Women” era is just beginning. Some of these women have been with Adstream since it’s founding in 2004, whereas others have joined through acquisition or recruitment. They are of all ages and have varying degrees of education and experience, which brings a multitude of refreshing cross-cultural perspectives.

Gender roles at Adstream?

When asked if their gender had played any role, positive or negative, in their career advancement they all resoundingly said “No”. This does not mean that in their careers, they haven’t seen gender-based mistreatment or discrimination. Some women have come to Adstream from adjacent industries and different cultures. They spent time in areas where men have dominated the boardroom, leadership positions, and overall organization. These Adstream women laugh now at the number of meetings they attended where they may have been the only woman in the room. While these scenarios still exist across the industry, these women feel that Adstream provides a friendly, supportive, merit based environment.

Women at Adstream play a variety of roles. Some work on all female teams, while others are on teams dominated by men. In all cases, these women have not felt any discrimination and feel that their teams are consistently focused on doing the job at hand. These women are confident and pragmatic. They see the opportunities around them. Maybe this is the lesson for women everywhere. Stay focused.

Here’s what they had to say when asked what advice they would give to other women pursuing their careers:

  • “Ask LOTS of questions, and don’t be afraid to come to your own conclusions”
  • “Stay true to your vision – don’t let anyone deter you just because they think they can.”
  • “Don’t be scared of roles where you can’t see its future impact. Roles can surprise you with the opportunities that they represent.”
  • “Do what you believe in. Take Ownership.”
  • “Don’t be afraid – give yourself a chance.”
  • “It’s a different world now. There are more female role models. Take advantage of Ted Talks.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of being a mother in the workplace. Continue to develop yourself.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of hard work and keep and open mind.”
  • “Relax. You got the job because you’re good. You will find a way to accomplish all of your goals!”

Our women are powerful and confident. This is in part due to their distinct personalities but, they also maximize the benefits of a culture of empowerment. Adstream works to give their people the confidence to their jobs. They do this by fostering an open culture that welcomes employee engagement and opinions while providing employees with the training and guidance to be successful. The result is a gender-neutral organization where women know there is room for career growth.

We are proud to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with all the women at Adstream and around the globe. We celebrate inclusivity and look forward to a day when everyone has an equal voice.

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