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13th January 2018
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Embracing technology: We spend more than £3m every year on developing the technology to provide our clients with the market-leading experience they have come to expect. Our approach has always been to embrace innovation and new technology because it underpins everything we do.

Delivery: Our use of innovation and technology allows us to offer new and better services to our customers. We deliver ads to the highest standards around the world and across multiple media channels guaranteeing they’re always in the right place at the right time. We have a market-leading global distribution network of 40,000 media outlets and we manage cross-media advertisements in 145 countries worldwide.

Platform and analytics: We have the largest production and asset management platform in the world with more than 26 million assets under management. We provide the analytics to fuel the insight and intelligence to inform clients’ campaign decisions.

Beyond delivery: In harnessing the power of the technology, we offer brands a wealth of opportunities beyond ad delivery.

Library: our clients get access to a library where they can instantly retrieve all the brand content they have ever uploaded. It’s totally secure, searchable and on hand to them whenever they need it, and is completely compatible with whichever device or platform they prefer to view it on.

Projects: The Projects facility makes it easy for everyone from brands to creative agencies and all other relevant other third parties to collaborate on a campaign. It’s globally accessible and compatible with all relevant formats. Here, all parties can upload, share, annotate and contribute to the process in a way that brings all the key players together in one place, saving time and boosting creativity.

Efficiencies: As well as allowing us to offer more services to clients, the technology also makes us more efficient. Automation can speed up processes and remove human error, but we don’t use it as a wholesale replacement for staff.

Quality control: Our approach to quality control (QC) shows how only a blend of the right people harnessing the most cutting-edge technology can deliver the best service to our clients. The Adstream Premium QC service combines an automated workflow with our own expert workforce. Without the specialist knowledge and experience of our in-house operators the automated QC alone doesn’t have the capacity to make the correct judgment calls. This and only this combination of tech and talent can guarantee clients get accurate feedback and the best service.

Combining tech with talent: It’s how we combine the technology with our talented people that sets us apart. We deliver an exemplary, trusted service to clients by combining cutting-edge technology with what will always be our greatest resource at Adstream: our people.

The scale of our world-class, global workforce tells its own story. We have 550 employees across 36 offices in over 120 countries and we are proud of our unique global presence. We believe that combining leading-edge tech with the highest level of expertise and experience is what has made us the world’s largest ad delivery network and is what will help us to keep providing our clients with an innovative, high-quality and forward-looking service.

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