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Why MarTech decisions must consider the needs of marketing procurement

Why MarTech decisions must consider the needs of marketing procurement

In a hyper-connected age where omnichannel campaigns are the norm, MarTech has never been more important.

But, with growing MarTech choices new challenges are arising – namely omnichannel campaigns are being run across omni tech stacks. The challenges of fragmentation, complexity and lack of visibility haven’t diminished, if anything they’re getting worse.

And this is not just a challenge for marketing teams. If marketers do not have visibility of what’s running, what’s working etc., what hope do procurement teams have to understand where efficiencies can be made, where wastage is happening and the deep insights that can only be gained from a truly connected supply chain?

Creating x-functional panoramic visibility through MarTech

When brands are looking to invest in MarTech, the decision cannot be based on the needs of the “Mar”keting team alone. It must be looked at across the needs of all stakeholders, especially procurement, ensuring that all functionality, capabilities and requirements are covered. Only then can a brands’ internal, x-functional stakeholders truly have visibility and regain control of their marketing supply chain.

Create transparency & cohesion with Adstream from Extreme Reach

Sitting at the heart of the marketing and media ecosystem, Adstream from Extreme Reach offers a tech-driven solution for visibility, control, and insight at every stage of the marketing supply chain. We are the global leader in creative logistics, powering brands and agencies everywhere with an all-in-one platform for the activation of omnichannel campaigns.

Our platform unifies procurement and marketing teams through access to unified insights while eliminating rights risks, optimizing workflows, offering dynamic real-time tracking, improving efficiency, and making the entire ad procurement process a consistent success.

Find out more about Adstream from Extreme Reach by getting in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Did you know that Adstream has been acquired recently by Extreme Reach? Together we solve some of the biggest challenges facing marketers, their agencies and production partners around the world. Find out more here.


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James Levy

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