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MarTech and MarExperience: the essential ad clearance combination

MarTech and MarExperience: the essential ad clearance combination

It doesn’t matter what you’re advertising, without a clear, concise and diligent ad clearance process, underpinned by innovative tech and extensive experience, campaigns can become derailed.

Ad clearance is much more than making sure your T&Cs are in order. Non-compliant ad assets, poor placement, and talent and usage rights conflicts are among the three most pressing issues facing brand marketers today.

At best, an ad clearance mistake will make a dent in your quarterly ad budget—at worst, it will damage your brand reputation so badly that you will have to spend untold amounts of time and money restoring trust. The ‘Would You Rather’ campaign is a prime example.

And while mistakes on such a scale may not be commonplace, there are many smaller oversights that may seem obvious, but in fact are the main reasons for delayed or even cancelled campaigns:

  • Not having the correct music or talent rights in place by channel and by campaign period.
  • Technical errors that affect the visibility or quality of your ads and ultimately, waste time, money, and resources.
  • Ad assets published via the wrong channels, reaching the wrong audience.
  • Incorrect regional ad compliance.

This imperfect storm of clearance mismanagement, while common across industries, isn’t necessary in today’s tech-driven world. There is a better way.

A powerful and trusted combination

To ensure every one of your assets is not only being used to its full potential but also is compliant and blunder-free, it is essential to work with the right combinations of tools and teams.

Our platform is a cutting-edge way to gain complete visibility over your advertising strategy, from creative approval to legal reviews, placement, insights and beyond. Combined with our experts – who bring over 25 years’ experience in global regulatory compliance which we employ on your behalf to get your content cleared and live for broadcast TV, VOD and streaming, digital display and social, cinema, DOOH and radio – it’s a powerful combination that’s hard to beat.

Visibility and control over your advertising processes, from one central location, will mitigate your risk of ad clearance errors and talent & rights penalties so you can focus on delivering a consistently healthy ROI for your campaign across channels and regions. And, when that happens, you will see your productivity soar.

To find out more about our platform book a meeting with one of our experts.


Oliver Forder

Oliver Forder

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