Look to MarTech for a Unified View of Omni-Channel Campaigns - Adstream
Look to MarTech for a Unified View of Omni-Channel Campaigns

Look to MarTech for a Unified View of Omni-Channel Campaigns

While many industries are still picking up the pieces since the rise of the pandemic, MarTech is beginning to thrive again. Businesses are increasing their marketing budgets once more—and many are looking for more innovative ways to engage their audience.

MarTech is a key component for recovery, with more than 60% of business decision-makers looking to invest in marketing technologies this year, and beyond. And while Investment is indeed on the rise and brands across sectors are looking to ramp up their promotional efforts, what are the returns from MarTech investment?

Let’s take a look.

Greater efficiency, better delivery

One of the key reasons for investment is to improve internal processes. Businesses need greater visibility of their marketing processes to drive efficiencies across their teams and supply chains.

Enhancing internal communication through streamlined processes will lead to improved delivery of creative assets across channels and, ultimately, result in a better return on marketing investment (ROMI).

A unified view

To cut through the clutter, brands are looking for more ways to deliver targeted content across channels. But with fragmented systems and rising restrictions on the use or handling of third party data, there are many roadblocks to delivering personalised consumer experiences.

Analysis of relevant data and a clear understanding of where your content is being used (and where it is being wasted), alongside the ability to control your campaigns from a single dashboard, will enable you to deliver messages to prospects that speak to them on a personal level, at the times they’re most likely to engage. 

Investment in MarTech is the only way to gain a unified view of marketing initiatives—and ultimately, maximise the value of your campaigns through the visibility and control your tech stack will deliver.

The choices are stacking up

The continued increase in the rate of digitalisation means there’s a great deal of choice out there. But the irony is that this vast array of options will lead to further fragmentation, disconnection and confusion. Tech stacks are pointless if they don’t actually stack up.

If you’re looking to move forward with MarTech, we can help you gain better campaign visibility while breaking down the complexity of multichannel marketing with our cutting-edge  One Delivery platform, which has been enriched thanks to our recent acquisition by Extreme Reach. We’ll help you prevent delays, keep all campaign channels on schedule, minimise risk from rights infringement and improve performance. All of this will remove complexity and inefficiency from your campaigns and provide the visibility you need.


Alistair Bradshaw

Alistair Bradshaw

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