We helped P&G deliver the UK's first audio-described Ad - Adstream
We helped P&G deliver the UK’s first audio-described Ad

We helped P&G deliver the UK’s first audio-described Ad

Adstream UK achieved an exciting milestone in 2017 delivering the first audio-described commercial to be broadcast in the UK.
After months of testing, and by partnering with P&G who have been driving the initiative to make their advertising more inclusive for the 2 million people in the UK that are living with vision loss. Adstream helped introduce audio description (AD) into UK commercials with the landmark 30-second spot for P&G’s Fairy Liquid

The commercial broke new ground as an animated baby showed off Fairy Liquid Platinum’s cleaning prowess, while being accompanied by a narrator providing clear, elaborative details, such as the motion and animation taking place on the screen, enabling people with vision loss to ‘see’ the ad for the first time

Adstream worked alongside the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and their member broadcasters on fully implementing the DPP commercials and sponsorship specification.

The DPP specification for the delivery of HD commercial and sponsorship material was published in Jan 2016 but not until July of this year was the last legal obstacle to supplying and transmitting audio-described commercials overcome by the industry.

The ITV/STV playout provider had completed their upgrade programme earlier in the year making them the first AD-ready broadcaster.

Adstream UK CEO, Lisa Lavender, said: “We’re committed to the introduction of audio description across all commercial content, so we were naturally delighted to work with P&G to help supply the UK’s first AD commercial earlier this month. The weeks and months of testing have all paid off.”

“We worked closely with the DPP on this key development and, by facilitating the delivery of an AD commercial to an AD-ready broadcaster, we played our part in this important and ground-breaking initiative for our industry.”

“We are proud to be in at the beginning of a journey which I hope results in audio description becoming an industry standard.”

P&G’s Inclusive Design Consultant, Sumaira Latif, who has been the driving force behind the initiative said:

“As a company that has many household brands like Fairy, Pampers and Ariel – used by people across the UK every day, its vitally important for us that we reflect the diversity of our audience – both inside and outside P&G. We recognise it’s the everyday interactions that make the biggest difference to making people feel valued and included and it’s also a business opportunity as our message now is expanding to 2 million consumers who have vision loss in the UK with whom we are able to now better communicate. As the Global leader of P&G’s ‘People with Disabilities Network’ and being a Mum with sight loss myself, P&G have harnessed my passion and ideas to help influence change for all people with a vision impairment. We continue on this journey, together with our partners such as RNIB to drive inclusivity within the advertising industry from creative to broadcast.”

Audio description is commentary that describes body language, expressions and movements, making the programme clear through sound. It is an extra narrative that articulates with the commercial’s original soundtrack and fits between the existing dialogue and sound effects to describe the visual action taking place on screen. In the UK, broadcasters are legally required to provide audio description in 10% of their programming, but leading broadcasters generally provide upward of 20%.




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