Send enormous files, fast.

SendPlus is the accelerated file transfer tool for the creative crowd. Securely send ad content anywhere in the world, fast.

No complex servers - Just sign up, install, and start sending.


Simple sending

Just drag and drop your files or folders onto the SendPlus desktop client. Select recipients and hit send. It’s really that simple.

Unbelievable speed

By enabling large file uploads, our global file acceleration technology changes the way production companies, agencies, brands, and media owners collaborate.

Never restart an upload again

Lost your connection halfway through the upload? No problem. SendPlus always picks up exactly where you left off.

File size? No limits.

There are no restrictions on file or folder size, which means you never have to use a courier again. So go on. Send the biggest file you’ve got.

Send entire folders

Just send the entire folder. Its structure remains intact and recipients never have to piece together individual files again.

Get a heads up

SendPlus automatically scans the files you send and displays detailed file info for recipients before upload is complete. That means full specs come before the ads.

Track each delivery

Instantly track whether recipients have downloaded your ad content. Watch the download in real-time. If they pause or cancel, you’ll know it.

Secure sending

All your files are totally secure, with log-in required which is part of ISO 27001 regulation we encrypt and track all content so you don’t get caught out.

Send straight to Adbank

SendPlus is fully connected to all other products on the Adbank platform. Send any file from your desktop directly to the Library, Projects, or Workflow.

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