Collaborate better.

Projects is a single place for you and your team to collaborate and organise content creation. It’s globally accessible and contains full reporting capabilities. Best of all? It contains all the tools you need to keep doing what you do best: creating amazing content.


Reduce the clutter

Adbank Project’s smartfolders organise your content so that it’s reportable, secure, and customisable. And did we mention searchable from anywhere in the world?

Improve your process

In seconds, send any file for approval to anyone, track and report everything, set up automatic reminders, and increase accountability.

Be in control

You’re always working on the latest file. You know exactly what has changed and, with mark-ups applied directly to your images, what needs to be changed. And you can easily go back and review previous versions.

Manage usage rights

Control all global usage rights in one system. Or link with Adstream’s delivery module to make sure only approved content gets sent to the media.

Template your workflow

By creating templates of previous projects, starting new campaigns is a cinch. Automate structure, user permissions and notifications for team members when new projects start up.

Automate processes and transcodes

Adstream’s proprietary workflow tool can automate processes within projects. Automatically generate an iPad version of your TV ad, or create hot folders for repeatable steps.

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