Reporting and analytics

Understand everything.

Want to use the world’s most powerful business intelligence engine to fuel your reporting?
Everything on the Adbank platform is fully tracked for business analytics. Whether you want to know your project status, which ads are used and where they’re delivered, or even integrate 3rd party data, Adbank Reporting can help.


A single screen to track everything

Adbank Reporting transforms data into beautiful clear insights on a single screen.

Instant insights

All of your data is already connected to the automated reports we know you’ll need. If you need bespoke analytics, our team of experts can help.

Drill down and take action

Our powerful drill-down menus turn data into action. And real data in real time empowers you to make instant decisions.

Empower everyone

It’s a face: a team that is more flexible and efficient means increased returns and faster reactions. Set access settings to only share the data your team needs.

Integrate third party data

No one relishes reading spreadsheets. Our user interface enables you to visualise and integrate third party data through beautiful and easy dashboards.

Download and share anything

Any chart created with core data can be saved as an Excel file, PDF, or Image Download. This makes it simple to share your findings with your boss, team, or clients. You can also schedule reports to be automatically emailed to your team.

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