The Adstream Platform

Create, deliver, store and measure your creative assets in one place.

The global content solution trusted by the world’s greatest advertisers and marketers.

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The Adstream Platform's core features

Get your campaigns to market faster

Streamline your campaign workflow in the cloud, where brands, agencies, studios, production and post-production partners can collaborate on creative projects from beginning to end.

Seamlessly deliver multi-channel ads

Simplify your ad delivery with one workflow for all media types. Adstream is the world’s first end-to-end solution, enabling you to deliver content straight to 45,000 media destinations across the globe.

Collaborate on large video files

Save time viewing, sharing and editing your big media files. Adstream has been optimised to load your content faster than any other solution.

Gain visibility of your people & projects

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising using data insights. Adstream tracks every aspect of your campaign workflow, giving you the information needed to drive your business.

Create smart, connected workflows

Create powerful automated workflows by connecting Adstream to your other systems. Adstream’s REST API lets you integrate all your existing technologies with ease.

Avoid legacy systems

Implement a personalised solution that stays current. The Adstream Platform is customizable, not customised. Meaning that you receive regular updates and never get stuck with old software.

Keep your content secure

Relax knowing that your content is in safe hands. We take data security seriously and protect your content with powerful AES encryption. Our HQ also holds ISO and CDSA data management certifications. (ISO 27001 & 9001)