Adstream’s central asset management and distribution platform is winning the battle against the complexity of the digital world.
We get content where it needs to go - directly to your website, social media, or a programmatic buying platform. And we make sure it gets there fast.


Real central content coordination

Changes in device and web formatting mean digital advertising gets more diverse every day. Adstream’s platform is a central location to organise and store all digital and traditional ad content.

Automatic digital encodes

As a world leader in TV content collaboration and distribution, Adstream is able to leverage content to create automatic transcodes, which can increase re-use across digital platforms.

One place to store and send

As digital, and video in particular, increasingly pulls master content from TV and print ad commercials, Adstream’s platform acts as a central consolidation point for all brands, agencies, and production companies. Collaborate and share content quickly around the world, all supported by our proprietary file acceleration tool.

Easy integration

For multiple digital platforms, CMS solutions and social media, Adstream’s workflow and integration tools mean the right content gets to the right place at the right time, with all the metadata to impact your target audience.
This includes CMS systems, demand side platforms (DSP), VOD and social media, as well as the traditional mediums of TV, print, and OOH.