TV and Broadcast

For over a decade now, Adstream has been handling TV content for the world’s advertisers. We’ve got the largest global distribution and asset management platform, so your TV ads air on time and at top-notch quality levels.
Adstream is connected to over 20,000 TV destinations across 116 countries. And we’re supported by 40 local offices. That means no one else can offer a fully connected global delivery network for your campaigns, or the local know-how to deliver them according to specs. Now that’s peace of mind.


Quality delivery anywhere

When you send TV ads around they world, they must meet regional standards and quality levels. Adstream’s integrated delivery service does just that. We deliver to over 116 countries from one simple ordering interface.

Projects and workflow

Approve. Track. Distribute. With Adstream, you can manage and approve an ad campaign’s video content, along with any other media, all from one elegant interface.


Adstream’s Library is a powerful global asset management system made especially for large industry TV files. That means your team gets content fast.

Reporting and analytics

Everything on the Adbank platform is fully tracked for business analytics, including approvals. Whether you want to know project status, which ads are used and where they were delivered, or even integrate 3rd party data, Adbank Reporting can help.

Production and clearance

Adstream can manage all clearance, traffic, and basic production, including pre-flight checks, clapper and countdown, file fixing, standards conversion, captioning and transcoding.