Media Types

The Adstream Platform is a single, centralised platform for managing and delivering all global creative content to over 50,000 destinations across 116 countries, for both traditional and new media formats.


Any ad, anywhere

It’s true. Adstream is built for large files. But we also understand the details of small print and digital files. In fact, out global infrastructure and asset management platform works for all advertising and marketing asset management.

Serious content coordination

Whether you’re making ads in China or sending them to Brazil, Adstream’s direct delivery service tracks where all content is downloaded and sent. It’s the first ad management platform that integrates true delivery tracking across all medias, central content management, and secure storage.

We love details

Our global presence means we know what to do with your content, and which local file types are relevant for any region in the world. No matter where you need to deliver your ads, or what kind of ad they are, we take care of the details.