Global Traffic and Clearance

Global support for agency traffic teams

With fifteen years in global TV traffic clearance and business, no one but Adstream has the experience needed to make sure your ads get on the air.


Global TV clearance

We help clients navigate through all the major clearance bodies in the world, and can give pre-clearance advice to those operating in a country without one.
From script submission to the final clocked film, you decide how much support you want or need. Our extensive client base means we can guide you whenever and wherever you need help.
In the UK, we work closely with Caria and Clearcast with ad delivery and clearance.

Cinema clearance

We help manage CAA and BBFC clearance and certification, and work with producers to distribute your films as required.

TV copy rotation instructions

We work together with clients, media buyers, and agency account teams to get the correct copy rotation sent to TV stations in a timely manner.

Radio clearance (RACC)

We manage submissions for all RACC clearance, required at script stage for radio spots broadcasting in the United Kingdom.