Business Affairs

Managing the details

Adstream works with partners around the world to streamline all of your advertising related business affairs.


Artist contracts and usage rights

We are experts in negotiating usage rights and issuing appropriate contracts and release forms for talent in all mediums. We are also experienced in managing celebrity contracts, or working with your chosen partners to secure celebrity talent.

Music licenses

We work with you to clear your chosen music track for commercial use, including:
• Clearance management for published music, library music, or specially composed tracks for campaign use
• Researching music tracks to source ownership rights, and negotiating with record companies and publishers
• Applying for library music licenses via MCPS
• Alerting clients when usage is about to expire
• Issuing licenses for specially-composed tracks for music that has been specially created

Child licenses

By coordinating between parents, agents, and LEAs, we get child licenses issued accurately and on time. Our latest feat? We recently managed 111 licenses for a shoot in just over three weeks from start to finish.