The Adstream Platform

Adstream is a single, centralised platform for managing and delivering global creative content in both traditional and new media formats.

Adstream is a global platform that connects the creative process. With it, you can access all content from anywhere in the world, using a single login. Built especially for the marketing and advertising industry, everything on our platform is searchable, reportable and specific to your agency or brand.

The world's greatest brands, agencies, production, and post-production houses already trust Adstream because no other platform in the world connects your content to over 40,000 global destinations in over 116 countries.

The Adstream Platform's core features

Seamless integration

Instead of competing with other technology providers, we believe collaboration is the key to the future, and the way to provide the best value for our clients.

A true industry collaboration tool

The Adstream Platform is a collaborative ecosystem connecting multiple organisations. It enables agencies to collaborate with multiple brands and brands with multiple agencies all within the single, secure, interface. Share what you want, when you want with whoever you want.

Global ad delivery

We know you’re busy. And that you’d rather spend time doing what you do best: being creative. We at Adstream have built a simple ad management and distribution tool that operates on one global platform, accessible anywhere, at any time. Collaborate right down to final ad distribution, and easily sync with over 40,000 TV stations, print publishers and digital platforms around the world.

Certified secure

Our scalable architecture enables brands to work globally in a secure environment, with 256 AES encryption for storage and RC4 and AES encryption for all transfers.
View and share large files globally. Do this while avoiding the use of open link FTP transfers, which won’t work if you’re outside of your company’s firewall.
Adstream are certified ISO 9001(Quality Management System) and 27001(Information Security) as well as CDSA (Content Delivery and Security Association).

Any content, any size

Adstream organises and manages all marketing and ad content in a single system. Whether it’s print, digital, or the largest 4k and cinema video files, we can handle it.
You and your partners, wherever they are, can reduce search time and increase sharing.

Start small with modular design

Adstream’s modular design means you can start small and choose how you use our system. From managing, delivering, and storing an ad campaign in the global asset library, to finally reporting on its results, you choose how, and how much, you use our system.