Introducing Digital Video Ad Delivery in Japan

Adstream is growing at a phenomenal rate. We’re on a mission to fix the complex and disconnected ways businesses manage advertising, and today we welcome Japan to our global network.


Sending ads to Japan isn’t new, we’ve been sending them on behalf of leading brands like P&G and Microsoft for over 3 years. But, the industry operated on a tape-based workflow, and now the entire process is becoming digital. Which is why Adstream has commenced local operations in Tokyo.


Shifting the workflow of an entire industry is no small task. For the past 3 years, we’ve worked with the JAAA (Japanese Ad Agency Association) to design and implement a solution for the future.


Today, Japan’s new TV ad delivery workflow is being rolled-out. But, we didn’t do it alone. Japan’s leading agencies and the world’s leading CPG, technology and F&B companies weighed in to introduce best-practices and design unique workflows, like the ability to assign agency stakeholders, manage approval processes and much more.




For Adstream, transforming ad delivery in Japan was important for a couple of reasons:


1. Our customers are increasingly focused on Japan, the world’s 3rd largest ad market, and these deliveries need to happen at the speed of digital.


2. Going ‘all-digital’ sets the Japanese market up for the future, where programmatic TV advertising and end-to-end measurement will likely become the standard, as in Europe, Australia and North America.


3. The driving ambition behind Adstream’s Ad Delivery is to connect the world’s media, making this a personally exciting milestone for our team. It also made us the first Ad Delivery provider to span every continent!


Similar to how we grew in North America, we’re working alongside industry stakeholders to connect broadcasters across the country. Plus, Adstream’s campaign management and media automation solutions will soon be available to Japanese customers too.


We’d like to thank the JAAA and our amazing customers for helping us make this possible.


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Adstream delivers ads to 55,000 destinations in 132 countries – the largest network of its kind. This scale drives us to constantly improve the tech behind Ad Delivery, which now delivers modern formats like UHD (Ultra HD) and 3D video faster, and at a higher quality than ever before.


You can learn more about Adstream’s Ad Delivery here.

12 October, 2017

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