Adstream Launches Operations in Japan

London, U.K., Oct 10, 2017 – Adstream, the world’s leading provider of ad delivery and digital asset management solutions, today announced the commencement of local operations in Tokyo, Japan.


Adstream has been delivering television commercials into Japan for major brands such as Microsoft and Procter and Gamble for more than 3 years. The commencement of fully digital operations in Japan is an industry first targeted at the Japanese market. The solution replaces Japan’s tape-based workflows, enabling local and international advertisers to rapidly deliver TV ads to broadcasters throughout the country.


As the only ad delivery provider with a solution tailored specifically for the Japanese market, Adstream will enhance the way local advertisers and agencies interact during the delivery process, with unique features such as stakeholder assignments and approval processes. This expansion also makes Adstream the first ad delivery network to span every continent of the globe, in line with Adstream’s ongoing mission to connect the world’s media and provide unmatched visibility and control to brands and agencies.


“As an increasingly important market for our brand clients, this solution makes Japan more accessible than ever before, whilst also simplifying the workflow for in-market advertisers and broadcasters” – Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream


Adstream’s new delivery solution is the result of a 3-year project to modernise ad delivery in Japan, involving the Japanese Advertising Agency Association, local agency groups and lea ding global brands such as P&G and Microsoft.


Japan’s digital ad delivery workflow is now being rolled out to broadcasters across the country and experts expect to see a fully digital workflow within the next 24 months. Once digitised, Adstream’s infrastructure will facilitate the shift to programmatic TV and advanced ad tracking, similar to what is being rolled-out in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.


As with Adstream’s expansion across North America, the Tokyo-based team are working alongside industry stakeholders to connect broadcasters across the country, before introducing campaign management and media automation solutions.


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About Adstream
Today’s brands advertise everywhere, working with creative, production and media teams to deliver their message across each channel. Adstream makes this possible.


Designed to help teams organise campaigns from planning through to play out, Adstream combines ad delivery, communication tools, digital asset management, and the data to optimise performance.


Today Adstream delivers ads to 55,000 destinations in 132 countries – the largest network of its kind.

12 October, 2017

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